(Cape) Clear Island - Oileán Chléire

Oileán Chléire is approximately 4.8km long & 1.6km wide
Visitors are welcomed all year round - busiest time is mid June to August

Fact File: This island is a 40 minute boat  journey from Colla Pier or 45 minute boat journey from Cunnamore & the coastal village of Baltimore (by request only). There are Guesthouses, Holiday homes, Hostels, Shop, Restaurants, Pubs, Boat hire & Bus tours. 

No better place for a welcome feeling.

Cape Clear is Ireland's most southerly inhabited island and is a must for walking enthusiasts beginning with the approach by boat to its sparkling harbour, the islands cliffs, bogs, and lake, will contribute to a feeling of an unspoilt charm. The Places of interest are of the Standing stones, a 5000-year-old passage tomb, a 12th century church ruin, a 14 century O 'Driscoll castle, in this lively Irish speaking isle there is plenty to do, with its many accommodation venues why not consider staying the night and soaking in the nightlife atmosphere and while you're there you can take the opportunity to brush up on your “Cúpla Focail”.