Ecotours & Fishing Trips


Whale, dolphin and seal watching trips, up to 12 people are available upon request on board the M.V. Norvic.

Did you know that the two mammal species protected & found in the area of Roaringwater Bay are otters and grey seals?

Otters can be found in all types of wetland such as rivers, streams, lakes and coastal areas.
They use hollow trees or dense vegetation as their hideaway during the day but they can also be found in holes under tree roots.
There are two species of seals known to inhabit Ireland, the Grey Seal and the Common/ Harbour Seal.

As far as dolphins are concerned:
The Bottlenose Dolphins like to bow-ride and breach or jump of the water.
They are often seen in smaller groups of 5 to 15 where as the short beaked Common Dolphins are usually seen in large groups of 30 +.
The smaller species are the Harbour Porpoises who create little surface disturbance, their head & tail are rarely visible and they are known to be shy "neighbours".


Fishing Trips are available all year round on board the M.V Norvic.

The boat is a Lochin 33ft design with a reliable CAT 300hp engine and great sea faring capability's.

Rods are available on request at no extra charge and tackle is supplied but may be charged for at cost price if lost or broken.

The M.V Norvic is fully licensed to carry 12 passengers by the department of marine and carries up to date safety equipment.

Groups can hire the boat for a minimum of 2 hours at a cost of €140 and €50 per hour after 2 hours.So a 4 hour trip costs €240 and 6 hour day trip cost €340 or a 8 hour trip cost €440 and so on.....

The waters off Schull offer a great selection of fish at different times of the year ie: Mackerel ,Flounder,Sea Trout,Flat Fish, Ray,ling,skate ,Occasional Bass,Pollock,Wrasse,Conger , Cod etc,etc...

Shark fishing is also very popular in this area with Blue sharks appearing off our coast from mid June.

Eco Tours & Fishing trips are available from Schull